Our Crew

All flights are operated by the highly skilled pilots with extensive flight experience. All crews take initial theoretical and practical training as well as six months recurrent simulator training in Boeing and CRJ facilities, in the following training centers:
- Pan American Flight Academy (Miami, Florida)
- ICARE Training Centre (France)
- UAB Cam&Cons (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Georgian Airways pilots are certified in categories II and III, which qualify them to operate in adverse weather conditions. Currently, our company employs 36 highly qualified pilots with an average age of 30-45 years.


Flight Attendants

Our highly professional cabin crew staff welcomes you on board and makes every effort to ensure your flight is safe and comfortable. "Georgian Airways" flight attendants take initial and recurrent training courses at Georgian Aviation university and in training centers in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. Cabin crew training lasts up to six months and involves theoretical and practical sessions in disciplines such as flight safety and prevention of aviation incidents, security, emergency procedures and evacuation, first aid, and passenger service. the flight attendant selection process is subject to a series of tests and is carried out according to our internal airline and international standards.