For passengers with reduced mobility

Acceptance of Passengers with Reduced Mobility depends upon the following factors:
Condition of the passenger;
Limitation per aircraft;
The necessity of special equipment;
Special attendance on board required;
Onward interline transportation involved.
Advance notification
To have sufficient time to make arrangements and inform the departments involved, the booking request must be made 48 hours before departure.  In addition to the regular carry-on baggage allowance, a PRM may take a wheelchair, crutches, braces or other mobility aid device free of charge. No medical clearance or special forms are required for those passengers who only need special assistance in the airport and/or for embarkation/disembarkation. Passengers being deaf or blind; Passengers who do not need special assistance during flight, provided the need for a wheelchair is not a result of a medical condition (e.g. need for wheelchair because of old age, comfort, etc.), Passengers provided the need of a wheelchair is not result of a medical condition, which would qualify the passenger as a MEDA case.